Keeping Score (2024)

Keeping Score (working title) is an
exploration of the phenomenon of imitation, in the form of a duet between Putli Hellesen & Ole Marius Støle.

We are curious what will happen when we take an emotion and imitate or recreate it in a compartmentalized and mechanical way through scores. 

We are interested in imitation to question the notions around authorship and to contemplate the multiplicity of emotional origins – where is anxiety/ laughter coming from and who owns it? Does my anxiety/ laughter come from me, or does it stem from something else, a cue, that I picked up from you? Does anxiety, laughter, or any other emotion solely belong to one individual, or does it emerge from a collective, shared experience? Or is it possible that emotions appear out of nowhere, like a strong physical force that comes and goes. In our research we are curious whether the individual has a say in its behavior at all?